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Macedonia - Rural Tourism

Galichnik is a mountain village in the Republic of Macedonia and along with Lazaropole is one of the two biggest Mijak villages in the region. Galichnik has well preserved traditional architecture, including an amphitheater in the center of the village and is famous by its countryside and nature reserve. People from Galichnik and northwestern Macedonia appreciate the yellow cheese kashkaval that is produced in the region as well as the local white cheese "belo sirenje". The most important event in the village is Galichka Svadba, a traditional wedding custom, held annually in summer (in July), on the day of the village feast of Petrovden – St. Peter's day. During the wedding, local men dance the "Teshkoto" (the "hard" or "heavy") - a dance (oro) that is meant to symbolize the overcoming of difficulties in life. Another manifestation that takes place in Galichnik each year is the Galichnik Art Colony. Famous people from Galichnik are: Makarie Frchkovski, Jakov Frchkovski, Kuzman Frchkovski – most famous fresco woodcarvers and fresco painters.
Trpejca Village
Trpejca village is located on the road to Saint Naum.
Due to the its setting between the rocks this small fishing village has managed to preserve its charm and escape the overgrow of tourism, which is why is often referred as Saint Tropez of Macedonia.
Trpejca has a great long but narrow beach with the cleanest waters on the lake. Trpejca has couple of good small lakeside fish and barbecue restaurants and a bar on the left side of the beach. If you don't like the beach or it seems crowded take one of the small boats and ask to be taken to one of the isolated beaches around Trpejca and enjoy the lake by yourself, the boat will come back for you at the arranged time.


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