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Macedonia - Mountain Tourism

Baba Mountain overlooks the city of Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia. Its highest peak is Pelister (2601 meters, or 8533 feet). Baba Mountain is the third highest mountain in the Republic of Macedonia after Korab and Shar Planina. Pelister National Park is filled with exquisite flora and fauna. Among flora elements, especially significant is the presence of the five-needle pine molica , Pinus peuce - a unique species of tertiary age being present on only a few mountains in the Balkan Peninsula. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the diversified wildlife: bears, roe deer, wolves, chamois, deer, wild boars, rabbits, several species of eagles, partridges, red billed jackdaws, and the endemic Macedonian Pelagonia trout.
Pelister is the oldest and second largest national park in Republic of Macedonia. It is one of the leading tourist areas in the country, since it is a well-known ski resort, along with Ohrid, Prespa, Dojran, Popova Shapka, and Krushevo.
From Pelister you can see the Pelagonia valley, Lake Prespa, mountains Nidzhe, Galichica, Jakupica, and the city of Bitola. Pelister is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister's Eyes. The Big Lake is 2,218 meters above the sea level while the Small Lake is 2,180 meters above the sea level. Here are the sources of many rivers. The climate in Pelister National Park is diverse.,br> On the peaks, there is snow even in July, and in some places the new snow meets the old from previous years.


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