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Macedonia - Mountain Tourism

The Bistra mountain landscape with its high peaks and forests of pine and other evergreen woods right down to the base, has an atmosphere of unusual calm. In the winter months, when the snow covers its slopes, it gives an impressive picture of peace, tranquility and eternity. Here, clouds and fog are very rare occurrences.
It was for this reason that, the ancient Slavs, long ago, called the mountain Bistra/clear. In addition to this is the clear water which flows in the numerous rivers running off its slopes. The rich vegetation, distributed over the various levels of the mountain, the numerous pastures over which (as mentioned before) lingers the sound of the shepherd's flute, the cold and bright days, the clear air, and the sweet water, as well as the abundance of fauna attract mountaineers, skiers and tourists throughout the year. Mavrovo national park encompasses the most beautiful parts of western Macedonia, the mountains Bistra, Korab, South sar Massifs, Desat, the river Radika, Mavrovo Lake and the villages Mavrovi Anovi, Mavrovo, Leunovo, Nikiforovo, Galichnik, Rostushe, Gari, Jance, Tresonche, Bitushe and Lazaropole, with total area of 73,088 hectares. In order to preserve the natural wealth of the region, it has been designated as a National Park with the Law passed on March 3rd 1952, on account of "the historical and scientific significance of the forests and wooded areas around the plain of Mavrovo, the specific landscape and the natural beauty of the region, the diverse flora and fauna and ethnological characteristics". In this area nature has created numerous beauties of different character. The relief, the climatic conditions, the hydrological and vegetative features, enhanced by human creativity, all of them contributes to making this region a particularly special place where the gifts of the nature and the resourcefulness of humans can be admired. Mavrovo is a very popular weekend resort all year round.


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