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Macedonia - Mountain Tourism

The National Park Galichica is located in the Ohrid-Prespa region, the most important tourist region in Macedonia. Besides the mountain Galichica, the park encompasses areas of the shores of both Ohrid & Prespa lakes. That is to say the shore line of the Prespa Lake from the location Sirhan near Oteshevo and the border, extending to the west part of the lake, to the town Golem Grad, which is also included within the Galichica National Park. In the south from the island, to the Macedonian-Albanian border in the east corner of the Ohrid Lake and in the west from the Macedonian-Albanian border to the east coast of the Ohrid Lake, the border separates from the coast and goes to the mountain Galichica.
Particularly distinctive are the relief characteristics of Galichica National Park: the high mountain peaks which often exceed 2,00 m. (the Magaro peak being 2,254 m), the afforested areas at a height between 1,564 m and 1,984 m, and in the higher areas, the large pastures with numerous herds which are a special ornament of the mountain landscapes. The National Park Galichica also includes a large number of impressive caves, - a geographical reminder of the Glacial Epoch, as well as a special attraction for the tourists.


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