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Macedonia - Mountain Tourism

Situated at an altitude of 1330 meters (about 4000 ft) above the sea level, Krushevo is the highest town not only in the Republic of Macedonia, but also in the Balkans. Krushevo is laid on Bushava Mountain, about 30 km away from Prilep. It is a well-known winter ski center and a climatic health resort. Its old architecture, many hotels, and all conditions necessary for pleasant winter holidays, make Krushevo an ideal place for relaxation. Mentioned in documents from the 15th century, Krushevo is a living museum, famous for its traditional architecture, cultural sites, and legacy as the site of the great 1903 Ilinden uprising against Ottoman domination. The rebellion failed, but its memory is cherished in Macedonia even today, as a symbol of the national struggle for freedom and democracy; while it lasted only 10 days, the Krusevo Republic of revolutionary leader Nikola Karev represented a desire for self-rule under a modern European political system. Today an enormous monument on the hill above Krusevo marks the elusive dream of the Ilinden revolutionaries. The memory of Macedonian artist, Nikola Martinoski, is preserved in a traditional-style house/gallery that contains a huge collection of Martinoski’s paintings and drawings, as well as various ethnological artifacts that bring 19th century Macedonia to life. Krushevo was,as well,the hometown of Macedonian most famous pop-singer Tose Proeski (1981-2007).


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