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Macedonia - Mountain Tourism

The dense beech-trees, pastures, the artificial lake and high mountain peaks make this part of Macedonia resemble Switzerland
Maleshevo Valley is at the most eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, at altitude of 800 – 900 m and it covers an area of 192 km. It is enclosed with mountains from all sides: on the north with Golak and Beaz Tepe, on the south with Ograzden, on the east with Kadica and Vlaina and on the west with Plachkovica and Obozna. The forests of these mountains are rich with oak, fir, and beech that make the valley especially beautiful. On the slopes of the Maleshevo Mountains lies the town of Berovo, a simple small mountain town. It’s a small region, but there one can find a unique combination of almost untouched nature, cultural and historical heritage, ethnography, traditional music and handicrafts. The climate is mild continental, in certain places modified into mountain-continental characterized by cold winters and cool summers. Berovo is the town with highest concentration of oxygen on the Balkan peninsula. The average annual temperature is 11.1˚C. The Lake Ratevo – It is an artificial lake in Berovo. It is extremely rich with many kinds of fish. Over the lake a tourist settlement is situated. It offers several kinds of amusement and entertainment, which meet the taste of the most selective visitors.


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