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Macedonia - Lake Tourism

The Dojran lake has a surface of 43, 1 sq km, of which 27, 3 belong to Macedonia and 15, 8 sq km to Greece. The shape of Dojran Lake is similar to a circle and it's length is 9 km and it's width 7 km.
According to an old legend, a Macedonian girl named Dojrana was accustomed to fetching water from special springs that had to be sealed following use. Yet at the very moment Dojrana was filling her jugs, she heard that her beloved had come back from the army, and forgot to seal the springs. Dojran Lake was, the legend says, the result of her unthinking euphoria.
Due to the lake 15 types of fish, (of which famous are kostresh, plashica, carp, sheath-fish) and water grass (algi), the Dojran lake enters the list of world's rarities due to its special features. Dojran lake is the richest lake in fish in Europe. The ancient way of fishing with the assistance of birds (kormorans) and gratings practiced here is very interesting. A similar method of fishing exists only in China, and is carried out during the winter.
Here on Dojran Lake, the notorious Dojran fishermen still fish in a very special traditional way - by the help of birds, a special type of birds called Cormorants. Lake Dojran is also rich in vegetation. The algae that generate and emit iodine must be mentioned, as they make the water suitable for balneal therapy.


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