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Macedonia - Lake Tourism

Lake Prespa is the second largest lake in the Republic of Macedonia. The Lake is located at a higher point than any other lake in the Balkans (2,798 ft/853 m), covering over 274 sq. km (106 sq. miles). Two thirds of the lake belong to the Republic of Macedonia, while the remaining third is shared by Greece and Albania.
At the beginning of 2002, on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, the Prime Ministers of Albania, Greece and Macedonia jointly declared the establishment of Prespa Park, a new protected area including the lakes large and small Prespa with the surrounding forests, which go across all three countries. This is the first ecologically protected area in the Balkans running across different countries.
High above Lake Prespa, in a region called Carev Dvor (the Emperor's Garden), the locals have been growing for centuries large juicy apples, peaches and apricots. Every October, the locals organize a series of festivities in order to mark the year's fall fruit harvest and to get ready for the upcoming winter.
Historically, the Prespa area has been settled since the bronze and neolithic ages. Although the area was inhabited during early antiquity, archeological evidence from this period is rather scarce. During the Roman Empire, the road Via Ignatia passed here, which led to the development of numerous settlements in the area. Sciritania, one of the larger settlements at the time, is the predecessor to Resen. Ruins of numerous Roman necropolae, villae, and temples of the old city have been unearthed. Additionally, Via Epirica, the road from and to Epyrus also passed here.
Prespa lake is fed by underground streams, which inevitably flow in Lake Ohrid, since Prespa is higher than Lake Ohrid and is linked by subterranean channels with Lake Ohrid running under the Galichica mountain. The whole Galitchica mountain has numerous caves, some even underwater. Some of the caves are filled with Carbonate-rock stalactites, stalagmites, "snowball ceilings" and "draperies".
Natural beauties, clear lake water, preserved natural environment and good communications have caused the region to become a local favorite tourist destination. The temperature of the water is between 18 C degrees in June and 24 C degrees in July and August. The beaches are sandy, and the summer air temperature is comfortable. The climate in the Prespa area is Mediterranean, with sunny springs, warm to hot summers, chilly autumns, and moderately cold and snowy winters.


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