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Macedonia - Tours

Day 1: Ohrid Arrival at Ohrid. Transfer to your hotel. Short introductory tour of hotels vicinities - getting useful hints from your tour guide. Sightseeing tour; visit of the old part of the town known by typical architecture, Samuil fortress, the church of St. Sofija, the church of St. Jovan Kaneo, Plaosnik, Biljanas springs... Overnight in Ohrid.

Day 2: Ohrid - Galichica Mountain Breakfast. Transfer to Lipova Livada (40 km from Ohrid) - Galichica Mountain. Trekking to peak Magaro (2254 m). The massif is surrounded by the two biggest natural lakes on the Balkan - the Ohrid Lake and the city of Ohrid in the west, and the Prespa Lake with the Resen Field in the east; its northern border is the Plakjenska Planina (mountain), and in south it stretches through the Albanian border, to Suva Gora. (Heaviness: medium; 3-4 hours walk; Altitude difference: 700 m; Lenght: 7 km). Before going back in Ohrid, visit Monastry St. Naum (XVI centry) and springs on the river Crni Drim. The original church was built by St. Naum in the IX century and was dedicate to the Saint Arhangels. One of the most beautiful iconostasis with gold plating from 1711 can be found here. The frescoes are from 1806. Going back in a hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 3: Ohrid - Vevchani - Jablanica Mountain Breakfast. Arrival in Vevchani. Vevchani is located at the foot of the Jablanica Mountain, 35 km away from Ohrid. Trekking to peak Crn Kamen. It s a harder tour but very attractive with four glacial lakes, rich in springs and streams. (8 hours walk; Lenght: 16 km; Altitude difference: 1400 m). Going back in a hotel. Dinner. Overnight.



Day 4: Ohrid - Bitola Breakfast. Tour starts with visit of the archaeological site Heraclea (Lincestis IV C.B.C.). Heraclea was one of the most important towns in Ancient Macedonia. Its foundation (mid 4-th century B.C.) is related to Philip II. The urban image of Heraclea and its development is in the Hellenic, Roman and Early Christian periods. The influence of Rome, Syria and Alexandria are also felt. In addition to the numerous and varied remains which have been discovered so far, today Heraclea is also renowned for its floor mosaics. These mosaics date back from the 4-th century. After that sightseeing tour to Bitola: main street "Sirok Sokak", the Old Bazaar, the Clock Tower, Church St. Dimitrija. Free time for lunch. Arrival on Pelister Mountain. Accomodation in a hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 5: Pelister Mountain After breakfast, trekking to Kopanki, Jorgov Kamen, Crveni Steni. Pelister (2601 m) is situated 14 km west of Bitola. It is the oldest and second largest national park in Macedonia. It is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister s Eyes. (Heaviness: easy walk; 4 hours walk; Lenght: 4 km; Altitude difference: 300 m). Lunch in a hotel. Depart for Mavrovo. Accomodation in a hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 6: Mavrovo Breakfast. Trekking starts from village Galichnik to Medenica. The highest mountain peaks in Macedonia are all found in Mavrovo National Park, located in the western - central edge of the country. These peaks, which include the Sara, Desad and Bistra, are topped by the imposing Great Korab Mountain (2,764 m). These mountains and Radika River provide magnificent visual landscapes. (Heaviness: medium; 6 hours walk; Lenght: 13 km; Altitude difference: 800 m). Visit to Bachilo and tasting on sour milk and explanation for process for making cheese and yellow cheese. Going back in a hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 7: Treska River - Skopje Breakfast. Depart for Skopje. Visit to Canyon Treska located 17 km from Skopje. The Treska Canyon is vertically cut into the massive of Suva Mountain. In the surroundings of the Treska Canyon one can find dozens of caves. The most beautiful ones are the caves Vrelo (The Spring), Krshtalna (The Baptistery), and Ubava (The Beautiful One). (Heaviness: easy walk; 3 - 3,5 hours walk; Lenght: 5 km). Trekking to the church St. Nikola. Lunch. Going on to Skopje. Accomodation in a hotel. In the evening sightseeing tour; visit Old Turkish Bazaar, Stone Bridge, Square "Makedonija", the monument of Mother Teresa, Old Railway Station etc. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 8: Skopje - Airport Petrovec Depart the group from Skopje airport.



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